I toned down the headline on this post. It’s Sunday. No use carrying a grudge forever.

Yesterday, canvassing for Barack, I ran into the rudest householder so far. I’ll call him Mr. Blowhard.

I asked for his wife. He wasn’t on our list, which usually indicates he’s a lost cause.

“She’s studying. Who are you?”

His clipped tone indicated I should get right to the point.

“Obama. Well, not really Obama……”

“No thanks.” Thanks being the last civilized word I would hear from this man.

The door slammed. And as I headed down the driveway, I could hear his tirade.

“Four more years, my a–!. Blah, blah, blah. A bunch of other vitriol that I don’t remember right now. I just know my mom would have washed his mouth out with soap.

Now, being a pretty tolerant free speech person most times and a Christian raised to turn the other cheek, I would typically ignore this type of behavior. Maybe even say a prayer for the guy. I’m sure he’d appreciate it….Not. But as I walked down the drive I shouted back as well. The gist: you don’t need to be such a jerk. But I’m sure I used a more potent word.

His behavior was over-the-top. Most other people just say they are for the other side and politely shut the door without knocking it off its hinges. I guess he forgot his wife was studying. Good for her. She’s trying to expand her mind. Maybe get a better job. Pursue the American dream. It’s just a shame that her husband wouldn’t give her the consideration of asking whether she would like to speak with the canvasser. I guess her thoughts don’t count. He has enough for everybody. And I presume, I have enough too, which is why I’m drawing all these conclusions without knowing the whole family dynamic. It’s just that I’ve experienced this frustrating phenomenon several times on past campaigns. The alpha-male hiding the little woman in the tower and not handing over the phone or calling her to the door. Note Mr. Blowhard. I don’t care what you think. Think whatever you want. But you don’t need to be a first-class jerk. I was only going to ask a simple question. Is that not allowed in America?

I wondered if this man shows a different face to the rest of the world. Is he a beloved softball coach, on the Knights of Columbus, on the board of directors of some charitable institution? I don’t know. Too bad first impressions are so hard to shake.

But this whole episode is but a pimple of the rear-end of my life. In a couple months, I will be celebrating Obama’s victory, because the race is likely to be decided by Independents, who are carefully considering the options and deciding which man would be better for the country. My job is to try to lay out the evidence, several times to the same person, if need be. Just doin’ my job, ma’am.