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Today’s canvass made me a little weepy. I mourn the loss of community. On a single street I met a woman who was alone in the world, struggling with a minimum wage job, who could not get health insurance. Her eyes were as blue as cornflowers.

She said she thought everyone was afraid. I have to agree. For different reasons, so many people have lost the faith. But I feel we canvassers are like apostles who are there to remind people that things will get better with time. But will they? Who knows? No matter who takes office. I asked the lady to be sure to vote for President Obama because this will be a tight race and she needs the kind of help he offers.

A few more minutes into it a man in a blue Corvette pulled up and asked me if I were passing out money. I said, no, I was trying to round up votes for President Obama. He told me to count him out, but he must have had one iota of sympathy because he wished me better luck next time. Obviously, he thinks this race is decided. I certainly do not think it is.

I wish there was something I could personally do to help this lady. She’s one of many people I meet that I want to help. I get weepy a lot. I can’t help everbody single-handedly. We need to do that as a country. I’m willing to pay my taxes and pay more to help the needy if need be.

I can turn away from a door to head down the street to my next destination, but it’s so hard for me to turn a downtrodden person out of my heart.